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As fuel prices steadily increased, the advantages of our system were becoming more apparent and gaining acceptance around UK, Europe, Australia and finally in the USA where it was used successfully on the GE90 engine.

Juniper gained valuable experience during the commissioning of these rigs worldwide and this in turn led to various improvements to the original design, such as the introduction of a more manoeuvrable and stable 3 wheel design, charging of the onboard nitrogen cylinders using a Schrader valve as fitted to aircraft Oleo legs and the fitting of heaters that could connect directly to Aircraft Ground Power. All of these improvements were helping to make the Juniper rigs more adaptable and user friendly.

Coupled with our growing list of engine wash probes, Juniper's 2x25 gallon rig was beginning to look like an increasingly versatile and cost effective solution - one rig, partnered with the right wash probes, could be used for all engine types. Using the lessons learned in developing the 2x25 gallon rig, we added a larger 2x50 gallon version for operators of wide body aircraft who often needed to wash more than one engine during the same session. This larger rig works in exactly the same way and has all the same user friendly features.